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Voiceover demos & works for SAG-AFTRA NYC Actress and Voiceover Artist Chelsea Clark

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Chelsea Clark’s voiceover demos: the following voiceover demos were all taped through John Flippin  at Magnetic Studios in Columbus, Ohio: http://www.magneticstudios.com/Home_.html

Voicoever demos include anime voiceovers (taken from InuYasha and Rurouni Kenshin), and a voiceover narrative of a children’s fantasy book, THE LAST UNICORN, by Peter S. Beagle: http://www.amazon.com/The-Last-Unicorn-Peter-Beagle/dp/0451450523. They also include an educational voiceover created for an audition for publisher Sadlier: http://www.sadlier.com. The three commercial voiceover demos are advertisement copy for Cover Girl, Biore and Sunny D.  

Additional sample voiceovers on this page include a link to Ruben Rodriguez’ LOOK BEHIND YOU, a horror film short in which Chelsea performed a Little Girl voiceover; ProjectWrongWay’s cartoon episode where Chelsea performed a Kim Kardashian voiceover; and Montana Hall’s animated short, MONSTER, with Chelsea voicing Cammy. 

Chelsea has  performed voiceovers in other film shorts.  In Sam Cooke’s film short MONOMYTH(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=745ldUa2vy0), she laid down a voiceover track for lead character, Winona, which opens the film.  In Chamanti Mandadi’s film short comedy LOSING IT! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OEpt9fMF6c) she acted out the role of lead Christie and later laid down the accompanying voiceover track.  

For theater, Chelsea laid down a voiceover track of a llittle girl which was utilized in Mark Rosati’s theater play, LIKE US, where she had a double role as lead Interlocutor.

Chelsea has worked with publisher Sadlier in narrations for MIDDLE SCHOOL VOICEOVER PASSAGES.  She is freelancing with international voiceover agency WorldWideVoices, and may be found on their webpage at http://www.worldwidevoices.de/voice-artist/index-en.php#

Voiceover Demos – Chelsea Clark:

Anime1: InuYasha, “Yura of the Demon-Hair”

Anime2: Rurouni Kenshin, Sojiro Seta

Narration: The Last Unicorn, unicorn & butterfly

Educational voiceover

Cover Girl Commercial

Biore Commercial

Sunny D Commercial

Chelsea Clark’s Selected Voiceovers:

Chelsea Clark as “Little Girl Voiceover” for Ruben Rodriguez’ LOOK BEHIND YOU


Voiceover Demos: Chelsea Clark as Little Girl V.O. in Ruben Rodriguez' LOOK BEHIND YOU

Voiceover Demos: LOOK BEHIND YOU with Chelsea Clark as Little Girl VO


Voiceover demo: Chelsea Clark as Kim Kardashian for ProjectWrongWay cartoons

Voiceover Demos: ProjectWrongWay with Chelsea Clark as Kim Kardashian VO

Voiceover Demo: Chelsea Clark as Cammy in Montana Hall’s MONSTER

MONSTER from Montana Hall on Vimeo.