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Training – Professional Training in Film, Television, Stage, Commercial, Print & Voiceover for NYC Actress and Voiceover Artist Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clark headshot

Professional entertainment industry training has been an ongoing activity for Chelsea Clark.  From the age of 2, she was involved in acting classes through Candace Mazur’s Expressions Theatre Company.  This included trouping to schools, theatres, festivals and nursing homes throughout her elementary school years.  Concurrently, Chelsea took dance and gymnastics lessons in various settings, performing as a Level IV gymnast when she was in the 6th grade and attending a ballet camp in Long Beach, California at age 14.  At age 15, she attended the MAAIA Convention in NYC, and was invited into the School for Film & Television’s summer program.  She returned for the next summer.  As a high school senior, she was selected for Eastland Performing Art’s half-day pull-out program, operated through Otterbein College.  She also had private lessons with Kevin McClatchy.  She continued to dance throughout her high school years, particularly focusing on ballet.  She then attended the School for Film & Television’s 2-year conservatory program, which emphasized Meisner; that program is now known at the NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  She continued her training at St. Francis College, with a major in Communications – Performance Studies.

Upon college graduation, Chelsea continued her professional training for a couple of years with Aylam Orian (, and greatly appreciated his Method Acting orientation.  When he left NYC for California, she started training with Roger Simon of the Simon Studio (, where she has regular contact with Eddie Lew, Vincent Scott and other wonderful directors.  She also takes seminars and classes through actorsconnection (, and has taken classes through Joanne Zipay, Scott Powers and others.  She attends casting workshops through SAG Foundation(


Chelsea Clark headshot


The Simon Studio & Roger Hendricks Simon ( – “On Camera Professional Lab for Advanced Actors” (ongoing)

     Roger Simon of the Simon Studio, NYC

actorsconnection SEMINARS

actorsconnection WORKSHOP

Actorsconnection Film Intensive

     Sig De Miguel – Film Intensive with Sig De Miguel, Casting Director, 5/2/2016

   Kim Miscia – On-Camera TV Intensive with Kim Miscia of Bowling/Miscia Casting (, 5/9/2015

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Casting Access

  • Bretta Goldstein – Cold Reading. 3/13/2017
  • Alan Filderman – Workshop.  11/17/2016
  • Matthew Maisto – Audition Workshop with Assigned Sides, 8/16/2016
  • Carol Nadell – Cold Reading of industrial copy, 7/26/2016
  • Harley Kaplan – Class, assigned scene as Diane from Jack and Diane, 5/4/2016
  • David Vaccari – Audition & Cold Reading, 8/19/2015; 5/3/2017
  • Scott Wojcik – Auditioning for Commercials, 5/7/2015
  • Kim Moarefi – On Camera Audition & Cold Reading, 1/22/2015
  • Donna McKenna – On Camera Audition & Cold Reading, 7/29/2014
  • Liz Ortiz-Mackes – Audition Technique Using Monologues, 2/11/2014
  • Angela Mickey – Audition & Cold Reading Technique, 11/19/2013
  • Aleta Chappelle – Audition & Cold Reading Technique for Film,6/03/2013

 Tres Artis Studio for Actors

      Aylam Orian – Method Acting Training: Aylam Orian
Individual Classes, NY

St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, NY

St. Francis College

      B.A. in Performance Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude

      Included classes in film production, theatre production, directing, television studio and script writing. Timothy Dugan (Major Advisor), David Gewirtz, Kathryn Grant,( Lynne Jackson, Martina Karels, James “Jake” Turner, James “Terry” Quinn (

The N.Y. Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (a.k.a. The School for Film & Television), NY

      Two-Year Acting Certificate Program & two 8-week “Summer in the City” Programs – Meisner Technique

Training: Chelsea Clark at The School for Film & Television            Chelsea Clark at The School for Film & Television    

  • Acting Technique/Scene Study – Neal Lerner, Pam Scott, Jimmy Bohr (, Pete Mattaliano (, Pam M. Kareman
  • Voice – Richard Omar, Tracy Goodwin, Julia Carey
  • Commercials – Ray Iannicelli
  • Daytime Drama – Larkin Malloy (
  • Movement & Stage Combat – Aole T. Miller, Hilary Spector, Connie Rotunda
  • Voiceover – Lynn Lipton, Tracy Goodwin
  • Improvisation/Comedy & Clowning – Judith Searcy (, Joe Perce      

Eastland Performing Arts Program, Reynoldsburg, OH (operated through Otterbein College)

      Director: Doreen Dunn

      Primary Focus: Acting Secondary Focus: Dance

      Classes in script analysis, playwriting, stage combat, theater history, Shakespeare, Tai Chi, ballet, tap.

      Multiple performances including “Tales from the Road”, Shakespeare, “Convalescing.”
Chelsea Clark at Easton Performing Arts

Private Lessons, Columbus, Ohio

     Kevin McClatchy
Training: Kevin McClatchy                     Kevin McClatchy


 Expressions Theatre Company/Dramatic Impact, Columbus, Ohio

     Candace Mazur-Darman

Multiple performances, trouping
Training: Candace Darman-Mazur                                                                             Candace Mazur-Darman

      Candace Mazur-Darman with Chelsea Clark                  Candace Mazur-Darman with Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clark at Expression Theater Company

Training in Dance & Gymnastics, Columbus, Ohio

           Irveline’s Ballet Studio

                (privates in classical ballet)

                Irveline Evans

Training: Chelsea Clark at Irveline's Ballet Studio

          Columbus Dance Theatre 

                 (intensive training program in ballet) 


Training Chelsea Clark at Columbus Dance Theatre performance

          Columbus Youth Ballet

                 (training in ballet & jazz)

          Buckeye Gymnastics

               (Level IV Gymnastics)


Training: Buckeye Gymnasticsbuckeyegynmastics

           Judy Dollenmayer Studio of Dance

               (training in tap, jazz & ballet)