Recommendations for Chelsea Clark, NYC Actress and Voiceover Artist

Chelsea Clark Legit Headshot

“Your performance and characterization were wonderful. Literally a slave driver while a grieving widow. Your intercession between the sons and your interraction with the lawyer showed the character’s strength.”

–September 23, 2017 email message re: the role of Emma Quattlemain in THE LIVING ROOM from Pete Casanave, writer, photographer and actor


“All i Can say is WOW. Having seen this play 3 nights in a row, I can honestly say that having done over 50 plays myself and seen 100’s of others done at MRT this may have been the best overall production I have seen. . . dynamic performances from everyone ALL AROUND . . . this intense story takes you into a whole other time period and takes you out of your own world for an hour or so and just makes you think and live on the edge of your chair. All should be super proud of what you did, you totally did what every LIVE performer is supposed to do, take the audience on that journey!

–June 24, 2017 Facebook post re: role of Emma Quattelman in Charlie Finesilver’s THE LIVING ROOM from Richard Thomas Henle, Lifeline Productions and Playwright at Manhattan Repertory Theatre on group FULL CIRCLE (Productions and Inspirations) of Richard Thomas Henle.


“Lady Jean,

I want to thank you for giving so much to this production.  You brought an element of surprise, passion, mischief and unpredictability deeply needed.  You were also able to navigate the parts of the story where life gives in to pain and alienation in a provacative and very powerful way.  I was so impressed with your range, your work, and am so grateful that you were a part of this project.  My deepest admiration and thanks, for your work ethic, your energy and dynamis as an artist.”

— June 11, 2017 email message re: role of Jean Clemens in ALBRIGHT, from James Leaf, Cofounder, Artistic Director, Director, Performer, Set, Lighting, Producer, Fengari Ensemble



“Thank you so much for the time and your wonderful contribution in approaching Rachael . . . Believe me when I tell you this, after all this time of working on this play it’s the first time that I was able to really hear her voice because of you.  Also on a personal note, I think you are a beautiful lady and a wonderful actress and have so much to offer . . . And I want you to take away from this night that “you were able to hold your own against the other well-experienced cast members” . . . Proud of you . . . “


— June 9, 2016 email message re: role of Rachel Klein in LET IT COME DOWN from Frank Calo, Producer, Director and Writer, FMC Productions


“Recording voices for my thesis film ‘Monster’! I wrapped recording for one of my characters, and got to work with the awesome actress Chelsea Clark. She really brought my character Cammy to life and I’m so excited to begin lip sync and watch it all come together.”


– November 2015, tumblr post re: the role of Cammy in MONSTER, from filmmaker Montana Hall


“You’re very talented, truthful, lovely to look at and so appealing in a sweet way.  That’s going to get you a lot of roles in the future.”

– August 21, 2014 email message from Roger Hendricks Simon, actor, director, producer


“Other students of mine have done nicely in the writing and teaching fields, but only you have managed to land project after project in the difficult business of NYC theater. Kudos to you!”

-July 10, 2014, email message, from Terry Quinn, Novelist, Playwright, Lyricist


“Chelsea Clark did this monologue (THE WOOD FILES, written & performed by Chelsea Clark) in our 29th Season of showcases.  Very cute!”

-July 3, 2014 post by Bobby Holder, Artistic Director, TAPNYC


“Had the pleasure of seeing Chelsea Clark in action tonight! Go see Reading Between the Lies – a terrific spoof on the drawing room comedies and mysteries from the 40’s! Took me awhile to realize she was even in the play when we all hung out afterwards- character acting at its best! –”

–  June 21, 2014 post by Helene Galek about role of Jane White in READING BETWEEN THE LIES, Actor, Casting Director, Producer


“. . . of course you will be in a future Lawrence F. Schwabacher production because you are a star.  I only work with stars.”

– June 12, 2014 email by Lawrence F. Schwabacher, Writer/Producer


“I saw your clips and enjoyed them very much. Your performance was so believable when doing the monster reading [MONOMYTH], that I almost thought that was you doing a bad reading–just for a second–until I realized it was a great actress …. you totally convinced me! “

-May 17, 2014 by Steven W. Rodgers, composer, arranger, lyricist, social & political satirist, animator, pianist, textbook author & blogger


 “I’ve enjoyed working with Chelsea and laughed at her performances on DEAD ON ACTING.   I would most certainly recommend her to a casting person or director and shall do that when an opportunity arises.”

-July 24, 2013 by Robert W. Smith, Actor, AEA, SAG-AFTRA


“I know that personally you are a very

happy and gregarious  person but xxxxx do

you play these awkward/disturbed

characters well!

-March 1, 2013 email by Jimmy T. Martin, DEAD ON ACTING webisode creator/writer/director/executive producer/”Randy Gary Wilson Smith”


     “Chelsea is an outstanding person.  She is

always dedicated to her job.  She takes

directions very well and gives me great

performances when asked.  If I have another

project coming up I will be the first to call

her.  She is always on time and prepared.

She is a star on the rise.” 

-March 2, 2011 by Mark Tenorio, Producer, Screenwriter, Film Editor for a Potential Film Company, BadMofo Productions


 “Chelsea Clark is a consummate professional.  It has been my absolute pleasure to have worked with her the past five seasons at St. Francis College; she served as the President of our acting troupe, The Troupers.  Not only is Ms. Clark profoundly reliable, punctual and trustworthy, she is also an incredibly talented actress that always gets off-book on time and truly understands the demanding and emotional depths required when creating a character.  She is always ready to rise to the next challenge.  I give her my highest recommendation.  She will astound you.” 

-March 1, 2011  by Natasha Yannacanedo, Adjunct Professor, St. Francis College



     “Chelsea is a wonderful actress.  She appeared in the premier of a one-act play of mine off-off-Broadway in 2008 and did a great job with a key role.” 

-February 28, 2011 by  Mark Rosati, Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago


“Chelsea Clark is a hard-working, committed and creative actress, as well as a very good friend.  When given a role, she puts a lot of time, work, and effort into making a good performance.  As a group leader, she is always focused on getting the job done, and has many good ideas to bring to the table.  When it comes to acting and the details of the productions she works on, Chelsea always gives 101%.” 

-August 8, 2011 by Jake King, Student, St. Francis College


‘Chelsea is an outstanding actress with an awesome voice as well!  You must have her audition . . . “

-March 23, 2011 by Mark Marcarian, Actor, Voice-Over Talent, various film & theatre companies