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Press Releases for Chelsea Clark, NYC SAG-AFTRA Actress

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Tania Fisher on StageBuddy: “Review: Bard at the Bar”

Chelsea Clark showed us why she was the deserving recipient of the Studio’s John Palmore/Frank DePasquale Scholarship with realistic and understated magnetism.


Meagan Meehan on axs: “Upcoming shows with actress Chelsea Clark”

Needless to say, Chelsea Clark is an extremely talented actress who easily lands roles due to her versatility as a performer and her ability to convey an impressive range of characters and emotions. Her career is absolutely one worth following.


David Davila on CRAZY TOWN blogs: “The Buzziest Shows at NYC Fringe”

I was lucky enough to catch a small production of this Broadway murder mystery (READING BETWEEN THE LIES) a while back at Shetler Studios and had a blast, so I was stoked to see that it was taking the next step towards a full stage life. This show is billed as a “A boozy new whodunit has rocked Broadway before its first rehearsal. Who gets bumped off? Who did the deed? And who (if anyone) will save the day? Come see this 1940’s noir farce to find out!” . . . You don’t want to miss this murder mystery!


likeable cast . . . the players form a motley group of characters who all have something to hide in their own kooky ways. 


NYC Fringe: Reading Between the Lies has the Heart of a Wonderful 1940s Screwball Comedy  The entire cast is good.


Reading Between the Lies in Theatre is Easy by Nancy Kelly
Best bet.. . Strong ensemble cast . . . Overall, this is a highly satisfying, laugh-out-loud, event.


Ivan Borod in Pinterest, October, 2013

Sam Cooke’s short film “Monomyth”, which screened at NewFilmmakers LA, featured not only brilliantly understated acting, but deep symbolism, such as barren winter trees and the ageless act of laying an offering at someone’s feet. I walked away from the film believing that a quiet life can be redeemed by the hope of a more meaningful journey—even if that flight is limited to the imagination.

Amanda Woods on Chelsea Clark in Playing Around in “Woman Around Town”, Monday, July 5, 2010

Chelsea found THE XYZ FILES, a spoof off the old TV series THE X FILES, on New York Castings, was called in for an audition, and landed the role as ‘the little old lady.’  She enjoyed every moment of the show, and allowed her inner zaniness to come out on stage . . . ‘I decided to be as crazy as I could.  I can be quite goofy at times’


Sylvia Krzeszowski on Chelsea Clark in SFC Today, “Actress Clark Makes Her Mark”, October 18, 2010

 Even though she is a student Chelsea has already been in numerous independent films and plays . . . This actress is not afraid of any role.  “I like to play anything that will challenge me and stretch me as an actress.’


Dodi Kenan on Chelsea Clark in SFC Today, “Pride and prejudice as angels fly over SFC”, October 24. 2010

Paricularly noteworthy in the first act  were Chelsea Clark as Harper and Thomas D’Esposito as Prior Walter.  Clark’s slowly evolving hallucinatory breakdown was harrowing to watch . . .


Chandra Persaud on Chelsea Clark in Brooklyn Today, “Review: authentic portrayal of addiction” , July 17, 2011

The anguish the young women feel when they learn that they must ‘face the daylight’ and live another day is portrayed with such intensity that in that exact moment it is quite easy to sympathize with the plight of addicts.  The actresses give such an authentic performance that the audience feels as though it is witnessing private dilemmas and conversations not meant for their eyes or ears. . . Chelsea Clark gives many thanks to her cast mate (Shimiere Douglas) and director (Martina Karels) for helping her through this experience, which she describes as being ‘a ride filled with lots of emotions.’