PUT A FORK IN IT: DISJOINTED LOVE SHORTS presented by Ticket 2 Eternity Productions

An ensemble show of comedic short plays and movement with original music about our love and obsessions with dieting, gym dating, food, fitness and body image.

Directed by Adyana de la Torre & Alberto Bonilla with Choreography by Carlos Neto. Original music by Brett Thomas Miro.

PUT A FORK IN IT: DISJOINTED LOVE SHORTS features the works of Donna Latham, Jimmy T. Martin, Sarah e Jacobs, Lindsay B. Davis, Andy Evan Cohen, Brit Hawkins Christopher, Alexandra Cremer, Duncan Pflaster, Scott Tobin, Joni Ravenna, and Alberto Bonilla.

Oct. 3 @ 7pm: FORK THIS
Oct. 3 @ 9:30pm: FORK THAT
Oct. 4 @ 7pm: FORK THAT
Oct. 4 @ 9:30pm: FORK THIS

Friday, Oct. 3 at 7pm & Saturday, Oct. 4 at 9:30pm
Directed by Adyana de la Torre
Featuring…Margot Steinberg, Candice Edwards-Marchrones, Taylor Overcash, Adyana de la Torre, Lauren Dortch-Crozier, Megan Magee, Brendan Wahlers, Facundo Rodriguez, Ramon Olmos Torres, Shane Lacoss, Carlos Neto, and Matthew Addison.

Friday, Oct. 3 at 9:30pm & Saturday, Oct. 4 at 7pm
Directed by Alberto Bonilla
Featuring…Chelsea Clark, Cate Weinberg, Kelly Marie McKenna, Jessica Bettini, Alissa Carlucci-Adler, Jay Rivera, Eduardo Leanez, Ransel Sangster, David T. Zimmerman, Stephen Kims, and Katie Lawson.

For more information on this production, please visit us at www.ticket2eternityproductions.com

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